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Brent Medley Appointed President of Shark Fight Promotions - New Management Team Announced

Amarillo TX. – October 29, 2009 –Shark Fight Promotions, LLC recently announced that two major promotions have been made within the organization, following the resignation of Shark Fight President Jim Larsen. Today, the Board of Directors officially appointed Brent Medley as President, and Kurt Drees as Vice President of Operations. Both executives have been employed by the popular fight promotion company since its inception.

Larsen resigned shortly after his wife passed away in order to fully dedicate his time to his young daughters, and to establishing the Sheila Larsen Foundation. The entire family is very passionate about the non-profit organization, as it honors Larsen’s wife Sheila, who recently lost her battle with cancer. Once established, the foundation will offer support and financial assistance to cancer patients and their families.

“My decision to resign as President of Shark Fight Promotions was a very difficult one, but it was a decision that I had to make. I could not fully dedicate my time to establishing the Sheila Larsen Foundation if I remained with the company, especially as President. Although I have relinquished my role as President, I will always hold my Shark Fight family close to my heart” states Larsen.

Larsen when on to say, “ The company’s new President, Brent Medley, has worked by my side since day one, and I could not think of a better candidate to fill the position. Brent has a great deal of expertise and experience in the mixed martial arts industry and will continue to build on the company’s tremendous success.”

According to Brent Medley, “Words cannot express how honored I am to be taking on this role. I am looking forward to working hand in hand with Kurt, not only to sustain the company’s current success, but to elevate that success to an even higher level. Jim Larsen was one of the founders of the company and substantially contributed to the company’s success. We wish him the best of luck with his future endeavors.”

In addition to putting on high quality events with impressive fight cards, Shark Fight Promotions takes great pride supporting, and contributing to, local charities throughout Texas. They have partnered with various non-profit organizations, including the Children’s Miracle Network and the Lubbock Food Bank, raising awareness and funds during Shark Fight events. 

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About Shark Fight Promotions:

Shark Fight Promotions, based out of Amarillo Texas, is an up and coming Fight Promotion Company dedicated to driving the growth of mixed martial arts through the production of high quality MMA events and by effectively showcasing MMA fighters. The organization takes pride in putting the fans and fighters first; therefore they strive to make each Shark Fight event more exciting than the last.  Executives within the organization are committed to producing impressive fight cards with extremely competitive matchups. They are also very passionate about their philanthropic endeavors. Shark Fight Promotions stays very involved in charity causes by partnering with, and contributing to, non-profit organizations in each city that hosts a Shark Fight Promotions event.